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Click the “Schedule It” button below to consent to care; acknowledge receipt of our Joint Notice of Privacy Practices and Patient Rights and Responsibilities; agree to financial responsibility for the visit; and confirm your appointment.

By confirming and scheduling online you are consenting to the following terms as the patient or surrogate decision maker for the patient, including minors, as defined on the Care Agreement form below. If you have questions, please do not click the “Schedule” button and instead call 206.520.5000 to schedule.

  1. UW Medicine Care Agreement - This is a Care Agreement. By continuing to scheduling online, you are consenting to this form and thereby giving UW Medicine providers consent to treat you, keep images related to your care, and to receive care via telemedicine technology. You also acknowledge that the benefits, risks, and alternatives have been reviewed with you.
  2. UW Medicine Joint Notice of Privacy Practices (NOPP) and Acknowledgement - We have the responsibility to protect the privacy of your information. The purpose of this form is to inform you of your rights as a patient here.
  3. Patient Rights and Responsibilities - This information helps ensure that patients and their families are aware of their rights and responsibilities, and have the information that will allow them to protect their dignity and independence.
  4. UW Medicine Financial Agreement & Acknowledgement - This is a Financial Agreement and by continuing to scheduling online, you are consenting to this form and are giving UW Medicine permission to bill your insurance company.

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  1. Child Abuse or Neglect Reporting describes who is required to report child abuse and neglect; (b) the standard of knowledge to justify a report; (c) the definition of reportable crimes; (d) where to report suspected child abuse and neglect; and (e) what should be included in a report and the appropriate timing.
  2. EMTALA specifies the rights of individuals with emergency conditions and women in labor who come to the emergency department for health care services including Medicaid is an offered program.
  3. Estimate of Charges offers Information on how to request an estimate for charges related your health services.
  4. Financial Assistance may be available if you are unable to pay your remaining balance - even if you have insurance.
  5. Hospital-Based Clinics are licensed as part of the hospital and the patient may receive a separate charge or billing for the facility, which may result in a higher out-of-pocket expense. UW Neighborhood Clinics and other free standing clinics are considered non-hospital based clinics. Inquire with your clinic to understand if they are considered a Hospital-Based Clinic.
  6. Notice of Joint Privacy Practices describes how medical information may be used, disclosed and how you can have access to this information.
  7. Notice of Nondiscrimination and Accessibility highlights UW Medicine’s commitment towards nondiscriminatory practices, disability assistance and interpreters services

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